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Listen to Your Bodily Wisdom

Do you often feel tension in your body? Do you find that even after visiting the chiropractor or going for massage, the tension persists? Many of my clients constantly experience tensions, which affects their breathing and voice. The tension or pain in the body is a manifestation of the mind. If you are my clients and participants, you’ve heard …

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Video: 3 Most Common Voice Mistakes

Video: The Only Secret that Makes Your Voice Improvement Last

Video: How to Manage Your Voice Under Pressure, Stress & Nervousness

Voice & Enneagram Type One

Type One

Voice & Enneagram Our voice is far more than a communication tool. A breath of air flows into your body, taking on your unique thoughts, feelings and emotions, and when it re-emerges it’s filled with your essence.   There’s no better way to understand a person from the way he/she uses his/her voice: Does the …

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Video: How to Change Your Soft Voice

How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention


Keeping your audience’s attention throughout your entire presentation is difficult, isn’t it? Not if you know this one secret. One participant in my workshop once said, “To keep the audience’s attention, telling jokes?” Well, your business presentation is not consisted of a series of jokes. In today’s world, attention is the most valuable asset. You’ve …

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Change Your Soft Voice

soft voice

A lot of my clients, especially ladies, have a very soft voice. It can be very discouraging when people often ask you to repeat yourself and it affects your confidence level. One of my clients said, “Every time when I speak with even just a few members, they all lean in. And I was thinking, …

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How to Present “Boring” Content


I often hear my clients say, “My presentation content is very boring.” Do you have the same thought? In any presentation, there’s no boring content. It doesn’t matter what you present, scientific findings, technical report or industry-specific product. You can all present in a way that makes your listeners listen with great interest and creates buy-in from …

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Video: How to Eliminate Nasality

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