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What do Yoga & Voice Projection have in common?


Standing bow pulling pose (plus iPhone, LOL) The process of developing your voice and the process of practicing yoga share many common principles. One is that both focus on working on the body to change the mind. Yoga practice is to align your body to create the peace of mind. Voice development is to create …

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Video: One simple & fun exercise to project your voice with ease

Watch this video on how to project your voice with ease.

Video: Relaxation exercise for better Voice Projection

Watch this video on how to relax for a better voice projection.

A Huge Mistake in Voice Projection


Nothing hurts more than shouting.   When you shout, your vocal cords, which are very delicate, suffer the most. Just try shouting for 5 minutes, and you’ll start to hear the hoarseness in your voice, feel the pain in your throat, and spend the next 3 – 5 days to recover. Not only that, if you …

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Key to Getting Your Full Voice


(illustrating diaphragmatic breathing for proper voice projection) Do you know that the average ratio of self-made millionaires who have been bankrupt or nearly bankrupt is 3.2 times??? Most wealthy people failed many times before they finally found the right opportunity.A client of mine has stopped the breathing practice after he tried a few days. It seldom happens that you’ll …

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Video: What really matters in your voice transformation?

You can make great progress if you are committed to your progress. Check out the improvement my Skype client made! You have no excuse. Set a daily practice routine!

A huge mistake many people make in improving their voice


  Many a time what stops you from moving forward is not that you lack skills or techniques.   A client was stuck in developing a more assertive voice. After the first 2 sessions, he knew exactly what to do, but he just couldn’t get his mind doing the practice. While sharing with me, he …

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Video: Voice Projection – how to put your voice in the best condition

Video: The Only Secret that Makes Your Voice Improvement Last

Video: How to Manage Your Voice Under Pressure, Stress & Nervousness

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